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Temperature Colour Controled LED Shower Head

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What a stylish and practical LED shower nozzle head! This 3-color LED shower nozzle head is with 4-stage temperature range display. The LED turns to blue, red, green, and blinking red color for different ranges of water temperature, which protects you and your family from skin burns by hot water.


- Shell color: mainly silver.
- Shell material: durable hard ABS.
- 100%  brand new and high quality 3-color changing LED shower nozzle head.
- Colors change according to different water temperatures.
- Protect you and your family from skin burns by hot water.
- Tri-color 4-stage temperature range display.
- Green color (cold): 32°C or less.
- Blue color (comfort): between 33°C and 41°C.
- Red color (hot): between 42°C and 45°C.
- Blinking Red (dangerously hot): 46°C or higher

Standard shipping 15 to 30 days