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Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet
Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet
Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet
Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet
Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet

Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet

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Luxelet E890 Electronic Bidet Toilet with Heated Seat

  • Remote Control Panel
  • Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Spray Positioning
  • Warm Air Dryer
  • Heated Toilet Seat
  • LED Night Light

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Real luxury. No compromise.

The Luxelet™ E890 is an elongated electronic bidet toilet seat that has a minimalist design style, yet is equipped with powerful functionalities that you will find useful in your daily life. Our bidet will fit in with any home decor due to it’s ivory color that matches standard toilets. Whether it is the all-season warm toilet seat, or the hot-cold water massage, the Luxelet™ E890 is designed to give you the most comfort. Most importantly, the intuitive detachable remote control is user-friendly so that the entire family can benefit from this eco-friendly bidet toilet. Instantly give your bathroom a luxurious upgrade with the Luxelet™. 

Warm Water Wash

User-controlled warm water function allows you to choose the temperature of the bidet water for ultimate bidet comfort.

Heated Seat

Enjoy a comforting, warm toilet seat year-long. A special treat during cold weather.

Warm Air Dryer

No need for toilet paper or towels. Quickly dry off with perfectly warm air.

Adjustable water pressure

Every person is different. That’s why our Luxelet™ allows you to choose your preferred water pressure.

Water Massage

Alternates between hot and fresh water to give your skin a quick massage. 

adjustable Spray nozzle

Set and save the perfect spray angle for a perfect posterior or feminine cleanse every time.

LED Night Light

No more harsh bathroom lights at night. The built-in night light helps to maintain your sleep cycle.

self-cleaning nozzle

The wand is automatically rinsed before and after use to preserve maximum hygiene. 

Noiseless soft-close lid

The soft-close lid quietly closes to prevent loud noise at night.

What’s in the Box

  • E890 electronic bidet body
  • Remote (batteries included)
  • Metal Braided Hose
  • Metal T-adapter
  • Screw components
  • Collar components
  • Catch Plate
  • Fixed Card
  • Owner’s Manual