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Luxe Bidet Neo 70 handheld sprayer
Neo 70 bidet, clean everything
Neo 70 bidet white sprayer
Neo 70 bidet strong jet
Neo 70 bidet gold
Neo 70 bidet in holster
Neo 70 bidet parts set
Neo 70 bidet, silver

Luxe Bidet Neo 70 Handheld Sprayer

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How to install your Luxe Bidet from Luxe Bidet on Vimeo.

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Please note that this video is for a more complex product but have some similarity so installing the Neo 70 is much easier


  • Sleek Design - Upgrade your bathroom with Luxe Neo 70 beautifully designed handheld bidet attachments, featuring easy to adjust chrome-plated sprayer for a more elegant look and a great solution for personal hygiene, elderly health care, and post-surgery sanitation.
  • High-Quality Parts that are built to last making it an excellent value for the price.
  • Quick and Easy Installation - Includes everything you need to get your bidet up and running in minutes. Comes with an attractive sprayer holster suitable for wall or toilet mount.
  • Convenient Sanitary Protection - Can be used as a bidet attachment, or also as a cloth diaper sprayer for cleaning and rinsing. Comes with a Shut-Off valve T-adapter for adjustable water flow.

Product Details

Neo 70 is a non-electric (mechanical) handheld bidet that works well with any toilet set up.

Quick and Easy Installation
The unit will come with everything needed for a quick and easy installation.

Adjustable Water Flow
Metal T-adapter with shut-off valve also included for adjustable water flow.

Attractive sprayer holster suitable for wall or toilet mount (included)

Warranty & Service
Comes with 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Standard Shipping 7 to 10 days