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Waterless Natural Multipurpose Cleaner

Natural Multi-purpose Cleaner (Waterless)

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500ml (17fl oz)
All Clean Natural – Waterless Multipurpose cleans any hard surface without harsh chemicals.

Shake bottle, spray waterless multipurpose and use micro fibre to spread across surface. Use dry side or second micro fibre to dry off. Avoid use in direct sunlight.


  • Windows & Mirrors
  • Automotive
  • Stainless Steel
  • Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Repel Soap Scum
  • Repel Finger Prints
  • Plastic


Product Ingredients

Purified Water: Water is 100% absolutely natural. Here at All Clean we went one step further to purify our water with a 10x micron carbon filter that eliminates any chemicals the city might add to the water.

Alcohol Ethoxylates: Due to its antiseptic qualities, alcohol is used as a natural and safe preservative and produced from palm kernel oil or coconut oil.

White Mineral Oil: Derived from petroleum which is a natural ingredient from the earth, it is ultra pure without contaminants and has no resemblance to the original petroleum.

Colorant: Orange dye made from the seed of the achiote.

Essential Oil Blend: A mixture of lavender, eucalyptus and several other essential oils.

Natural Preservative: Natural preservatives include a mixture of rosemary extract, hops, salt, sugar,vinegar, alcohol, diatomaceous earth and castor oil.

Carnauba Wax: Also known as palm wax or Brazil wax, comes from the leaves of the Copernicia Prunifera palm grown only in Brazil.

Standard shipping 7 to 14 days